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We produce real-time insights based on

We produce real-time actionable insights based on

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BetterTrader interprets market data for you in real-time.

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  • Improve your analysis

    Using our artificial intelligence algorithms, BetterTrader is a web and mobile application that sends you information about macro events as they happen. BetterTrader calculates the magnitude of an event using historical data and artificial intelligence to predict potential market reactions.

  • The perfect fusion of artificial intelligence and human trading

    A succinct line of all the information you need is provided and displayed clearly and concisely. Use your own experience and expertise to make a competitive decision, with the help of our artificial intelligence systems.

  • Get analysis as soon as possible

    Time is the key element in day trading. BetterTrader allows you to be decisive by giving you information at your fingertips, all in one place. Cut down the time it takes to mentally process information by using our unique technology.

See how customers use BetterTrader

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BetterTrader app

See how customers use BetterTrader

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No noise, no opinions, fact-based system

Relying on your memory of the historical price or behavior of the market is vulnerable to emotional interference.
Improve your accuracy and enjoy the advantage of artificial intelligence.

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BetterTrader was created by a team led by day traders with real insights and experience on the world’s biggest exchanges in NASDAQ, EUREX, ICE and the FOREX markets.

You are a fellow professional, an expert in your field. We value your opinion about every aspect of our product. Send us feedback so we can fine-tune our offering exactly to your needs.

Arviv I. Futures Trader
"I love it because I'm very visual, so when I see everything in front of me, the picture becomes clearer, and I know what I need to do right away. When an event is released, I get everything I need to know to make a decision sent right to my mobile."

— Arviv I. [Futures Trader]

Edri K. Energy Trader
"I can make good decisions on assets, without just relying on my memory, even assets that are new to me, because BetterTrader summarizes all I need to know, and the best part - it does so in real-time."

— Edri K. [Energy Trader]

Jared N. FX Trader
"It's been a while since I've seen something new. BetterTrader helps me make accurate trading decisions. So I understand when to buy and why."

— Jared N. [FX Trader]

See how customers use BetterTrader

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