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Want to keep up with the news? Here’s a better way:

Get instant customizable voice alerts for price movements and economic events.

BetterTrader’s Voice Assistant helps you identify trading opportunities without having to look at your screen. Try it now to react to the markets faster than ever before.

The IMPORTANT data delivered in real-time by voice.

Voice Assistant

News Alerts - We tell you what you want to hear

Avoid unnecessary distractions by customizing the alerts that our Voice Assistant reads to you.

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Included Features

Key economic releases

Our system calculates the surprise level of every economic release and presents its magnitude with a simple visualization. This allows traders to make sense of an event’s magnitude and how it compares to past events.

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Significant market movements

Let our Voice Assistant help you catch important movements so you don’t miss out on trading opportunities.

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Trade ideas

Our Artificial Intelligence system generates Trade Ideas based on statistical data and probability. These Trade Ideas provide suggestions on which markets you should trade and which direction you should trade in. The Voice Assistant will send you instant updates the moment that a Trade Idea is generated.

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Twitter - only the most relevant tweets

Want to be updated on tweets from Donald Trump or Elon Musk? Our Twitter Scanner allows you to select accounts that you care about. You can then choose to have our Voice Assistant read out tweets the moment they are posted.

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Important news in real-time

Be updated on the most relevant, market-shaking news the moment it’s released.

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Smart reminders

Set up smart notifications that keep you up to speed on market opening times, upcoming economic events, unexpected price movements and so on.

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This is what our Pro Membership Clients say about us...

BetterTrader is used extensively by professional traders as well as enthusiastic beginners.

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