There’s a better way to get the news:

Get instant awareness for fast reaction by real-time customized audio.

BetterTrader provides voice assistant to help you identify opportunities and then tools to help you analyzing the markets, optimize priority, and react faster.

The IMPORTANT data in real-time, by voice.

Voice - News Station

All of your news - Customized for you.

We believe that talking to you too much will destruct your trading, that is the reason we built the only available customized squawk service.

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Just what have to be said, no bla bla.

All of our voice products are aligned with your markets, helping you to stay focused and not be distracted with news that not relevant to you.

Voice Assistant includes:

Key economic releases

For every economic release the system calculates the surprise level and presents a visually simple indication of its magnitude. Traders can understand, not only if the release is presently considered strong, but also its magnitude in comparison to the past.

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Significant market movements

Volatility increased recently? S&P 500 crosses yesterday low? You will be notified by voice, just as you have a dedicated junior to help you out. The market tends to do 80% of its movement in 20% of the time. Once something interesting happens, it lets you know.

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Trade ideas

The AI Backtester agent calculates the statistical probability of possible scenarios using the backtesting technology. Once a trade idea is detected, it is sent to the client via the mobile app and the web notifications.

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Twitter - most relevant tweet

Would you like to know the next time Donald Trump tweets? With our squawk you will be able to choose twitter accounts that you would like to hear them out and you will be notified about by voice and text.

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Important news in real-time

It’s like a navigation system, you can be new to a city but drive as if you planned the streets yourself.

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Smart reminders

BetterTrader developed a full set of smart notifications system which is not available anywhere in the market. It’s like a 24 hour service that stays on alert all the time looking over the markets for you.

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"We think about statistics for traders more than anyone else on the planet."

This is what our Pro Membership Clients say about us...

BetterTrader is used extensively by professional traders as well as enthusiastic beginners.

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