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AI Macro Coverage

Actionable & Unbiased analysis

BetterTrader developed a unique method to analyze economic events backed by statistical tools and an artificial intelligence system. For every economic release the system calculates the surprise level and presents a visually simple indication of its magnitude. Traders can understand, not only if the release is presently considered strong, but also its magnitude in comparison to the past.

Economic releases include:
● The release itself
● Magnitude of surprise
● Perspective insights
● Most correlated markets
● Trade ideas
● Unique alerts

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Trade Ideas

Real-time risk assessments

The AI Backtester agent calculates the statistical probability of possible scenarios using the backtesting technology. Once a trade idea is detected, it is sent to the client via the mobile app and the web notifications. Each trade idea that the system detects includes a set of supplementary statistical information.

Trade ideas include:
● Direction: Buy or Sell
● Historical success rate
● Entry Price, Profit Target and Stop loss
● Expected duration of the trade
● What caused this trade idea

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The BackTester

Understand How Price Actions and News Impacts The Markets

The BackTester is a very powerful tool that allows traders to see by themselves the markets reaction in similar situations. It’s like a navigation system, you can be new to a city but drive as if you planned the streets yourself. The trade ideas give a glance of the market, the BackTester shows the big picture. Traders should see the big picture in order to truly understand markets, with the BackTester it all becomes possible with 1 single click.

What you can do with the BackTester:
1. Simulate situations and prepare for trading economic events.
2. Get snapshots of the markets reaction to any trade idea that was detected.

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Voice Assistant

Get Instant awareness for Fast reaction

The IMPORTANT data in real-time, by voice. Our screeners monitor variety of news sources, twitter feeds, economic events and market movements. An algorithm ranks and prioritizes the information and the voice assistant (Jay Adward) only speaks when necessary in order to give a heads up of the important data.

Voice Assistant includes:
● Key economic releases
● Significant market movements
● Trade ideas
● Twitter - most relevant tweet
● Smart reminders

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Smart Notifications

Stay updated with the best Trading opportunities

Tracking the market is an exhausting process for traders. BetterTrader developed a full set of smart notifications system which is not believed to be available anywhere else in the market. The main idea behind it is that traders are not in front of the screens all day long but they still need to be notified once opportunities appear as well as monitor open positions. It’s like a 24 hour service that stays on alert all the time looking over the markets for you. Once something interesting happens, it lets you know.

Smart notifications include:
● Marker Sense
● Market WakeUp
● Smart reminders
● Key economic releases
● Potential trade ideas

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BetterTrader Pro Analysis provides access to world-class analysis expertise and algorithms to keep you informed in real-time.

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image description Arviv I. Futures Trader I love it because I'm very visual, so when I see everything in front of me, the picture becomes clearer, and I know what I need to do right away. When an event is released, I get everything I need to know to make a decision sent right to my mobile.
image description Edri K. Energy Trader I can make good decisions on assets, without just relying on my memory, even assets that are new to me, because BetterTrader summarizes all I need to know, and the best part - it does so in real-time.
image description Jared N. FX Trader It's been a while since I've seen something new. BetterTrader helps me make accurate trading decisions. So I understand when to buy and why.

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