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All our Partners share our mission of bringing added value to traders. Together we can increase your conversion rates.

We help traders make real-time trade decisions. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms provide traders with trade ideas for macroeconomic events as well as the historical data used in creating those trade ideas. To find out how you can benefit from a partnership with us please click on one of the buttons below.

By providing traders with real-time trade ideas and in-depth analysis we can help add value to your platform thus increasing your conversion rates and enhancing your traders market engagement. Check out our broker partnerships below.

Our Partners

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With this partnership we have brought any existing Tradier Brokerage customer the option to link their account in BetterTrader's app and get three months of our real-time data and back-testing free. For those that are not yet Tradier Brokerage customers, opening an account with us will get you our app plus free no commission trades through Tradier Brokerage for the low price of $99 monthly.

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This partnership allows existing TradeStation customers to get three free months of the BetterTrader app. By linking your existing TradeStation account to your BetterTrader account you can get real time analysis, trade ideas and execute the actual trade all from within the BetterTrader App!

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This partnership is available to any broker using cTraders platform. Your customers can link their existing cTrader login credentials to their BetterTrader account enabling them to get real time analysis, trade ideas and execute the actual trade all from within the BetterTrader App! This will add value to your offering enabling higher conversion rates and better trader market engagement. If you are a user on a cTrader platform and would like to integrate our app with your account please have your broker contact us.

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