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Whether your new or an experienced trader, a risk free demo account is a great way to experience the benefits of trading different strategy and learn from practice.
  • 1. Real-time market data
  • 2. $100,000 of virtual money
  • 3. Trade online, iOS, Android and web

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Trading Instruments



Global currency is constantly changing. What can happen when the value of the U.S. Dollar fluctuates?

Oil and Gas

Commodities like Oil, Natural Gas, and Coffee are constantly relevant in the news. Since they are such a recurring factor in current events and are heavily invested in.


Gold and Silver are assets that provide a sturdy base to one’s trading portfolio. What some don’t know is that metals have an impressively high earning potential, more than many currency pairs.


Technology giants and other big corporations aren't as distant as they seem! Enjoy trading on world famous shares in a user-friendly, professional trading environment.


Indices provide real-time, reliable, crisis-tested instruments to gauge volatility on upcoming events. Benefit from a variety of global indices such as Dow Jones and NASDAQ using customized leverage.


Before Wall Street existed, agricultural commodities were the first trades that our earliest ancestors engaged in. This market isn’t going away anytime soon. Agro trading portfolio: Cocoa, Sugar, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Coffee.


Not sure how you feel about our services? Register for a FREE Account and familiarize yourself with our trading platforms in a risk-free environment, no credit card information needed. In doing so, you will also gain access to exclusive trading tools and services via BetterTrader.

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Arviv I. Futures Trader
"I love it because I'm very visual, so when I see everything in front of me, the picture becomes clearer, and I know what I need to do right away. When an event is released, I get everything I need to know to make a decision sent right to my mobile."

— Arviv I. [Futures Trader]

Edri K. Energy Trader
"I can make good decisions on assets, without just relying on my memory, even assets that are new to me, because BetterTrader summarizes all I need to know, and the best part - it does so in real time."

— Edri K. [Energy Trader]

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