Strengthen your trading with new cutting-edge AI-driven Trade Ideas.


Make real-time decisions using new Trade Ideas from advanced algorithmic modeling.

Main benefits:

  • 1. Statistically-driven trade opportunities
  • 2. Real-time trading tools
  • 3. 7 years of software development
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Use artificial intelligence to produce new Trade Ideas.

Seize opportunity via automated trade ideas

Make precise and valuable trades utilizing unparalleled software.

Provide your customers with more trading opportunities by engaging them with unmatched market evaluation tools.
BetterTrader’s Trade Ideas are derived from artificial intelligence that gathers and analyzes thousands of data points and draws connections between them. It then scours the market for trade opportunities based on the historical data. With actionable analysis, your customers will have all profitable trading opportunities sent directly to them.
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Use artificial intelligence to produce new Trade Ideas.

Complicated software, easy user learnability

Spend less time learning the software and more time executing Trade Ideas.

You expend a lot of time and energy learning complicated softwares, researching data, and forming strategies. However, by utilizing Trade Ideas, all of this is done for you-- data analysis, trade predictions, and more. With this new technology, you can optimize your time by executing more trades and turning more profit.
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Use artificial intelligence to produce new Trade Ideas.

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$69/mo ($828 billed yearly)