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Here are several presentations the BetterTrader team has presented at Traders Expo Events.

How to leverage economic events

for high rewards in the futures and fx markets

What you will learn in this presentation:

  • 1. Why does every trader follow Economic Events?
  • 2. How can I prepare for Economic Events?
  • 3. How to analyse and pick a trade after the event release.
This presentation took place in Traders Expo New York, USA (February 2017).

Economic events are a great source of volatility. Volatility equals opportunity if you understand it and have the right tools to analyze it. You start by understanding which specific economic event affects which specific markets and then you can trade accordingly. If you want to properly trade an economic event you will need to prepare for it.
This session will guide you in how to prepare for economic events and also in how to trade after economic events.

In more detail:
In this session, you will experience and understand how to prepare before an economic event is released and how to react after the release with confidence. You will not only learn how to monitor economic events but also how to proactively trade them to your advantage.

Don't be scared of trading during economic events: learn how to turn volatility into profitability using cutting-edge analysis tools that are already in use by the top proprietary firms, but have not reached the crowds yet.

Trading signals are overrated

The value is in the execution

What you will learn in this presentation:

  • 1. Why are 90-95 percent of traders losing money?
  • 2. What is execution?
  • 3. Execution best practices.
This presentation took place in Forex Expo Shenzhen, China (May 2017).

Trading is hard – yet there is a proper way to help us gain and keep the edge we need. Bad trade ideas are not the reason many trade ideas lose money. Bad execution is. A good enough idea with great execution is what produces success, trading is not about foreseeing the market’s direction, but rather about great execution.

Why do 90-95% of traders lose money?
There are so many traders that lose money. Let’s assume that trading is like a coin flip game: therefore only about 50% should lose money….but the real number is much higher! Do they all have bad signals?

Getting INTO the trade is simple. Getting OUT of the trade is far more difficult.

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