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We help improve your trading by providing you with; the news, how and where it will impact the markets. Everything is statistically-backed, no opinion involved. Instant notifications will make sure you identify the trade opportunities better and faster than others.

We believe all traders need an edge that can only be gained by statistical analysis. We create that edge by combining statistical models in real-time with inside knowledge of the industry to help you make the right decisions in real-time.

It is common knowledge that traders need an edge ( I.e. to have something that other's don't) in order to be successful. BetterTrader brings you an edge based on historical statistical analysis of Economic Calendar Events (e.g. Unemployment Rate or Non-Farm Payroll) and decades of trading experience.

More specifically helps you to:
(1) Access the news faster than others;
(2) Interpret the news better than others;
(3) Infer impact of news on a specific market faster and better than other.

Professional traders use us as their outsourced team of analysts.

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