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  3. No "easy money" promises.

Trading economic events
looks like this:

  1. Prepare Trade ideas (before the event).
  2. Event release.
  3. Execute Trade idea precisely.
Trading economic event with BetterTrader

Snapshot of a real-time Trade Idea.

Hello Trader,

My name is Eyal Mor, I believe every trader needs an edge. That's why I want to share my experience and answer any questions you might have about trading.

Here is some information about me:
  • Eight years of experience as a Professional Trader for top prop trading companies.
  • Founder and CEO at BetterTrader.
  • Expertise in Macro-Economic event trading.

Join me for a free session and learn how you can maximize your odds when trading the news.


More about Eyal Mor and BetterTrader:

Eyal Mor assembled his team at BetterTrader after having worked in the industry as a trader for nearly a decade. His vision from the very beginning has been to:
  1. Educate all traders as much as possible.
  2. Enable all traders to maximize their edge and profitability.

For Eyal the best way to educate traders is by using his experience and expertise to answer their questions.

In order to better enable traders in their real-time decision-making Eyal has commandeered the creation of BetterTrader's platform. BetterTrader platform brings capabilities to every trader that are equivalent to putting a team of analysts at their sole disposal. The only difference is that these analysts are Artificially Intelligent and not susceptible to human fallacies.

Early on we at BetterTrader realized that opening a brokerage would create an inevitable conflict of interest. For that reason alone BetterTrader has not opened a brokerage of any sorts. We at BetterTrader pledge to remain committed to this vision.

  1. We will never open a brokerage.
  2. We will always provide our customers with the best trading tools that we can create.
  3. We will always keep open lines of communication with our clients and respond to their needs.

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