BetterTrader interprets market data for you in realtime.

Act instinctively with realtime trading insights generated by predictive analysis.


It takes time for news to disseminate in the markets. During that time, if you’re early to understand what effect that news will have on the markets prices, you may be able to get in an excellent position before the rest of the market responds.

With you can:

  • → Access the news faster than others
  • → Interpret the news better than others
  • → Infer impact of news on an instrument faster or better than others

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Real-Time Magnitude:

Once an economic event occurs, you can see the magnitude of surprise. Just click the event in the Calendar, and BetterTrader interprets whether the release was stronger or weaker than expected, and by how much.


Perspective Insights:

Descriptive statistics summarize how this actual release compares to past releases.

strongest insight for release

Statistically Back-Tested Trade Ideas:

BetterTrader uses historical data to see how markets have reacted to similar situations in the past.

trade idea simple

Smart Notifications:

Can let you know when an event happens before it happens. Don't miss an opportunity.



Prepare for the release by simulating positive and negative surprises and observe how the market reacted in similar situations. This gives you a better understanding of market reactions to different releases, allowing you to be focused and confident on which assets to trade.

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DISCLAIMER PERTAINING TO INVESTMENT ADVICE: Please note, BetterTrader is a technology company. Do not take the opinions expressed explicitly or implicitly in this communication as investment advice. The opinions expressed are our own and are based on statistical data analysis. Past performance does not guarantee future success. In addition, the assumptions and the historical data based on which an opinion is made could be faulty. All results and analyses expressed are hypothetical and are NOT guaranteed. All Trading involves substantial risks. Leverage Trading has large potential rewards but also large potential risks. If you are not an investment professional please consult one before risking capital.
Statistically back-tested trading ideas are generated by BetterTrader's own proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

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