Feature and Request

Feature and request

Welcome to the BetterTrader application feedback platform. In this forum, you are welcome to help make suggestions to improve our user interface and app capabilities. At BetterTrader, we are looking to deliver the best analysis and most user-friendly experience possible to make you better at trading.

If you would like a tool to be added to the service, or would like to enhance your experience, please let us know down below. While we look to constantly improve, we understand that our users may need application support. If you would like help utilizing the platform, please visit the BetterTrader Contact Us page.

In order to make suggestions to our applicaiton, you must have a valid BetterTrader account. If you do not have a registered account, please sign-up here.
To continue with an inquiry, please make a comment in the appropriate section below, and follow these steps to remove your posts. Thank you very much, and we look forward to continuing to provide unparalled service at BetterTrader.

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