MarketSense - Your Custom Market Widget

To get the most out of your experience, turn on notifications for BetterTrader on your mobile and desktop.

market sense

Tracking the market is tiring for traders and investors. The market tends to do 80% of the move in 20% of the time. Instead of keep checking for prices throughout the day to track your positions and happenings in the market, MarketSense will do that for you and notify you whenever a significant moves happened. What is considered a significant move? you will set it in a moment. This time can be well spent in the analysis, thereafter deciding whether to buy, sell or retain.

Here's How To Use MarketSense:

Notifications can let you know when an event happens before it happens.

Step 1:Click on the "glasses" on the instrument card


Step 2: Set your sensitivity and direction

smart notification

Step 3: We will take care for the rest - you will get a notification for every jump and drop based on the sensitivity you just set.

*Magnitude feature only applies to numerical events (such as GDP), not speeches or text reports.

Perspective Insights: Descriptive statistics summarize how this actual release compares to past releases.

Alongside the Actual Release, you will receive the Magnitude and Insights in real-time.

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