Staying Ahead of the Game

You have the free version of BetterTrader. On this version, some features are revealed 60 minutes after the release.

actual vs expected

Here's what you're missing in the first 60 minutes:

1. Magnitude of Releases

insights on the Magnitude of Releases based on BetterTrader's algorithmic research.
actual vs expected

2. Focus on the Right Markets

Trade in the markets that are directly affected by the event. This gives you a distinct advantage over other traders by allowing you to focus on your key markets.


3. Get Statistically-Backed Information

Gain insights on how the market has reacted in similar situations and how influential its performance was in the past.

Trade Idea simple

4. Understand the Release

Gain perspective of this Actual
number with respect to the past releases.

Strongest insight for release
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