Economic Calendar Events Guide
INTRODUCTION - Trading Economic Events

By Eyal Mor

Traders pay close attention to financial events by using an economic calendar. But just having the release schedule for economic news events is not enough. BetterTrader can help you anticipate when major movements will occur, then prepare and capitalize on that volatility. In this eBook, we will pass along tips for what professional traders are doing before, during and after news events.

What Is An Economic Event, Or Indicator?

An economic indicator is a statistic that conveys certain information about economic activity. Economic indicators allow investors and traders to analyze the economic performance of a state, country or region, as well as make forecasts about future performance.

For example, each quarter the United States releases data on gross domestic product (GDP). This economic indicator allows investors to analyze the performance of the US economy over the previous three-month period, and make comparisons against the previous year. How fast the US economy grows can have a significant impact on market behavior.

Economic indicators are usually released by governments, international organizations and private research firms.

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This is part of my series on The Essential Guide to Trading Economic Events. Here is the full list of posts in this series:

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  8. Where is the opportunity? Which markets offer the best odds?
  9. Trade Execution
  10. Conclusion
  11. How To Get Started
  12. Three Things To Keep Your Eyes On

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